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Can't add a the new translation ?.


I sent a french translation some month ago and today I wanted to send a better version of this translation. But when i want to send it they say "The language already exists and already has a version". Seriously what Amara is doing ? Nothing is working anymore :
- Accents when we are sending a txt files
- Change an url statut in primary
- Copy/paste a text in a transcription
- And now we can't improve a translation !  

You can tell me to edit each line directly on amara but it wouldn't be serious at all. 

Are you aware than someone (or some people) is killing amara ? Because 3 month ago everything was working perfectly. 



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Thank you for reporting this, Alex. 

Can you please indicate the URL of the video where this happens? This way I might understand better what's the issue


Claude Almansi

PS Apologies for the delay: the filter of this support platform put your post in those to be moderated, and I only got the notification now.

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