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Comparing Revisions

I just have a question about the "Compare Revisions' tool of Amara. 

When I see the compare sheet there is a red dotted line around the timing of some subtitles in the new version even though the timing is exactly same and there are no changes.

What is the meaning of those dotted lines? 

I have attached a screenshot below


Thank you for raising this interesting topic, Neeta Bhansali.

I think the explanation is that in the compare revision view, time stamps are rounded to the full second, whereas timing corrections can be of a fraction of second. Hence the red dotted line to indicate such fractional timing changes.



The red dotted line around the timing of some subtitles in the new version means that the synchronization of those subtitles has changed, even if the timing is exactly the same. This can happen if you adjust the start or end time of a subtitle by a fraction of a second, or if you merge or split subtitles. The red dotted line indicates that the subtitles have been edited in some way, but the change may not be noticeable to the human eye. 

I've been trying to add a video from web design company in Toronto page, but somehow unable to do it.

Thank you for your question, Vandy. If you want to subtitle/caption with Amara a video directly inserted in a web page, you must use the URL of the video file in the Amara form.

Best wishes,


Do you have an image to illustrate that? I can start drift boss

Thank you for your question, racel.

If by "that" you mean Neeta Bhansali's question, please see their own attachment.

Vandy's question, please see the Add Videos to Amara Public resource, which has a screenshot

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