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English subtitles missing

Hello, this movie: What caused the French Revolution?


Of the English subtitles in 5 minutes and 16 seconds when no, please help deal with.

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Thank you for your question, 雷詳

Sorry that I don't understand it completely: the YouTube video you link to has English subtitles covering all the speech in the video (ending 5:21). Then the background music over the credits after 5:21  does not convey any meaning or atmosphere, so it is better not to have a subtitle saying "Music" that would cover the credits.

Now as to the 5:16 the 2 subtitles covering it start at 5:15:



we still struggle with many of the same basic questions



raised over two centuries ago.

So what do you mean by "missing", please?


Claude Almansi


hi I wonder if you can help? I uploaded a video from YouTube and it is in Spanish and I want to get English subtitles on it, I went through the subtitle process were you select the language it is in and what you want it converted to and were you can type what you here or see but on the video it shows a small black box were the subtitle would be but there is nothing there it is just blank and I can only hear the video which is in  Spanish. I would like it to be converted were they are talking in Spanish and it has English subtitles below telling you what they are saying, if possible could you help me with this thanks. this is the video I am referring to.

Thank you for your questions, Nik.

Amara does not convert subtitles into other languages automatically: usually, people make/add original subtitles, then they or other people translate them.

So now that you have created from, you must first make Spanish subtitles for it, or find others who will do so. Sometimes you can download YouTube's automatic captions in order to edit them with Amara. In this case I wouldn't bother, because they are way so inaccurate that fixing them would take longer than doing them from scratch.

As it is a long video, I have now added your page to the Captions Requested team, to increase the possibility that some interested volunteers might work on these subtitles. But you should also contact your own Spanish-speaking friends who might be willing to collaborate in this.




Thank you for your help, Claude Almansi.

Thank you for your help

Thank you for your help

Amara does not automatically convert subtitles into other languages: normally, users create/add original subtitles, then they or others translate them. geometry dash

Thank you for your patience and explaining everything clearly. I'm still growing and learning how to handle different situations. I appreciate your feedback and it helps me improve my abilities

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