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Vídeo with other language


I read how to begin to translate here, but like in this video:

Do I have to hear and insert the subtitles in English to translate to Portuguese?

My regards.

Thank you for your question, Fabiano.

It's really up to you: if you wish, you can directly create Portuguese subtitles from the audio. I find it simpler to first create original subtitles, because afterwards, you just have to translate them. And if you make English subtitles, they will be a help for other translators too.

In this case, though, there are already automatic English subtitles on the original YouTube video. So I downloaded them for you (see attachment). You can now upload them to the Amara video, and correct possible errors.




Sorry, but i can not access this video Any help, plz.

Thank you for your question, Robert Pillow: the video is now available.



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