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I can’t download subs to my ipad

I have created my subs with lots of effort, but now they are well synced and ready to go. I just need to download to my iPad and then upload them to youtube. But there’s a big problem. I can’t download them to my iPad, it just downloads them to a website. If someone can help I will really appreciate it.

It seems as the problem has nothing to do with ipad, because I have downloaded subs from other places and it works.
And I have also tried with Safari and Mozilla and the problem persists.

Thank you for refering this issue, MAMBOPOA,

I tried downloading the subtitles of on my mother's iPad and encountered the same issue: the subtitles opened in the browser (safari in this case) instead of downloading.

Problem, as in your case: the browser used another encoding than UTF-8, hence the weird symbols replacing apostrophes. Do you know how to change browser encoding on an iPad? if yes, change it to UTF-8 before opening the subtitles, so that they appear correctly. Then select them all, copy them, paste them in a note, saving the note as UTF-8 encoded simple text file, but with the same extension you originally chose.

If you can't change browser's encoding, then maybe wait until you can use a PC or a Mac, download the subtitles there and then email them to yourself.

As it is, I downloaded your subtitles as .sbv (apparently, the format you wanted?) and .srt. I am attaching them here.



Note for me: subtitles download normally on my android phone.

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