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Music lyrics

Hi there!

I might need suggestions regarding the subtitles I'm working on at the moment... The video is about a choir that uses sign language to make music accessible to special needs people as well. After the presentation, the orchestra starts performing and some of the people start singing, while others sign the songs' lyrics. 

My question is: since the performance represents a huge part of the video, am I supposed to transcribe all the lyrics too? Or do I just need to signal when the music starts and ends?

Thank you in advance


Jennifer Trinti

What a fascinating project, Jennifer!

I would transcribe the lyrics too, because many people who are deaf or hard of hearing do not understand sign language. Moreover, there are many different sign languages. So if there are original captions, these can then be translated into other languages.



PS Would you accept to give the link to the video, please?

Thank you for your answer! 

There aren't captions in the video, that's why I was wondering whether to transcribe the lyrics or not. I think I'll do it then, using note symbols. Thank you again.

Here is the link to the video:



Thank you for the link and for the explanations, Jennifer. Do you have the texts of the songs? If not, the page for Mani Bianche has contact info. They might be willing to help you.

I'm moved, because I used to be part of a project called WebMultimediale. They had participated in several concerts that integrated LIS. 



Thank you for your suggestion! I've been able to understand all the lyrics so far, but in case there's something that's not clear I won't hesitate to contact them. Oh, wonderful! I've heard of it before, I really appreciate the projects that prioritise accessibility and disability sensitisation. Best, Jennifer

I think you you should transcribe Lyrics. Since the video includes singing, it would be beneficial to transcribe the lyrics of the songs pizza tower. This allows viewers who are not familiar with sign language to understand the content of the songs. Transcribing the lyrics can be done by including the text of the song as a subtitle whenever it is sung.

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