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How to search videos by language? (audio and translation)

I remember using Amara last year and easily being able to search for videos with audio in a specific language (for example French), and subtitles in another specific language (for example Portuguese). I come back to Amara and I don't find out how to do that anymore. Was this feature removed? If not, how do I do this?

I couldn't find instructions to do it in the Help section.
Thank you for your help.


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 Thank you for your question, Pierre.

You're right: the general page used to have a visible language filter by audio and subtitle languages that has now disappeared. This filter is still present in the Videos page of teams.

Now fortunately, Ana Cristina de Enes Pereira da Silva had asked  How to find french videos to translate? in this forum back in July 2015 and I replied explaining how the filter worked back then and giving n example: if you clicked on French for the video language, you got to

Now this search result still works and it has the search filters by video (audio) and subtitle languages on the left, meaning that you can change the search options.

If this link can work for what you want to do, maybe we could leave it at that for the time being? Tech staff are working hard on the interface presently. But if you really want to have the filters reinstated in the main page, please feel free to create a ticket with your request via the form in




Thank you Claude, that's perfect ! I will create a ticket to request this feature.

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Thank you for having created the ticket. I saw Veronica's reply: so let's use the inelegant workaround via until (if) they can fix a filter for the general video page.




 telgu video language hindi language change

Thank you for your comment, omprakash 14ry, but I'm not sure I understood it correctly: 

  1. which video are you talking about (URL)?
  2. do you want the video language to be changed from Telugu to Hindi?

If yes to 2: please create a ticket via the form in It will go to tech staff, who cam answer you (I unfortunately can't).



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