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New effect ot the paralyzing Amara task-assigning / draft status slapping glitch look like normally editable English subs: no in-progress mention in the navbar, no draft status banner above the subs, subs working in the player, and clickable "Edit Subtitles" link.
But if you click on that link, you get a message saying:
These subtitles are moderated. See the Occupy Wall Street team page for information on how to contribute
No link to the team. Just an OK button.
I even get that when signed in as team admin.
Yeah of course, there is a task assigned to the person who started working on the subs this morning. As team admin, I could grab it, reassign it etc. But the person who started the subs is not even a member of the team, so there's no way she can use the task to continue her work.
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