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53 lines of subtitles showing as "(0 Lines) (in progress)" in the navbar

This morning the Watch Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's Full Reaction to Immigration Ruling video was added to the PBS NewsHour team. I started making "English" subtitles for it (transcript of the initial speech). Amara slapped a task for these subs, assigned to me, and made the link for them in the left navigation bar show as "...(0 Lines) (in progress)".
I just ignored the navbar indication and resumed subtitling when I could, via the task: I've now finished the transcript, in a manner, and started sync'ing
However, Irina Pozo Vega, landing on the main page of the video, just saw the "...(0 Lines) (in progress)" indication. So she started an English, British track, re-transcribed the already transcribed the beginning of the video, up to 4:20. Again, Amara slapped a task, this time assigned to her, on her "English, British" subs. And again it labeled the link for the English, British subtitles, as  "(0 Lines) (in progress)" in the navbar, in spite of that transcript now amounting to 53 lines.
It so happened that Amara has decided to make my "English" subs viewable after my second version, and to label them as English (101 Lines) in the navbar. If I had not made this second version entailing this change in the visibility of the subs, there would have been a distinct risk that yet another person would have started to transcribe the video all over again in yet another track.
Now my "English" subs direly need a revision by an English native speaker, because not being one, I don't understand most of the questions during the question time of the video. Impossible, due to the task slapped on them.

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