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Questions regarding the 2 samples for applying Amara On Demand

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on the forum.

I was a contributor to the TED team on this platform. Now I'm interested in applying for Amara On Demand. One of the requirements is that I need to create 2 sample works for them to evaluate.

My main question is that I've already subtitled several videos on this platform in the past, so can those videos meet this requirement? It not, do I have to upload my own samples? Or, can I find 2 videos in the Public Workspace to subtitle. 

I'll be really grateful to anyone who can answer or give me some advice or information related to this topic. Thank you all in advance! 


Best Answer

Hi Claire,

I'm the senior recruiter for Amara On Demand. I just checked your profile, and unfortunately whatever work that you did before must have been on a private team. So your activity page is blank. Your best bet is to subtitle two short videos in the Amara Public Workspace so that we can see activity on your profile.

We ask for samples to make sure that applicants are comfortable with the Amara Subtitle Editor and know how to synchronize subtitles to the video timing.



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