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First time using Amara, just finished subtitling, what next?


Just finished subtitling to Brazilian Portuguese a YT video called "appropriating morality | how 'the Judeo-Christian tradition' takes false credit [cc]". Went through all the 3 steps (subtitling, synchronizing, revising), clicked on "publish", was sent to a page ("Amara Public Free, this part video is part of Amara Public"). 

But here's the thing: when I click on the "watch on YouTube" button on the lower left corner of the video that appears on the screen, I'm sent to the video's page on YT, but upon selecting the captions options, Brazilian Portuguese doesn't show. Just wondering... is there any further action I have to take now? Or does it take a few hours for Amara to synchronize my work to YT?

(224 KB)

However, when I visit the video's YouTube page by clicking the "view on YouTube" icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, I don't see Brazilian Portuguese as an available  caption option. I was wondering if there's anything else I need to do, or if Amara requires a few hours to upload the captions to YouTube.

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