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Video Hosting

 Amara policy states:

Hosting Media

Amara doesn't host video or audio files. We use html, css, and javascript to overlay subtitles and interfaces on existing videos. You can also use our API to display subtitles on top of a custom video player (Flash or HTML5), app, or anywhere else!

it also states:

Normally users don't delete video entries, since this may destroy the results of other people's subtitling efforts.

However, if it doesn't affect other users, we could help you to take a video down - but we'll need you to give us some information. You should do so as a reply to this thread in the forum (

To request to delete a Video.

  Label as Delete Video
  URL for the video's location in Amara (It looks like this
  Your Username
  reason for taking down the video

My question is, if Amara does not host videos, and captions are strictly an overlay onto videos where they originally reside, why would there be a need to request video deletion from amara?

The user should just be able to delete th origingal source, say from a private hosted site.

Good remark, Will: strictly speaking, "video" in the text you quote should be replaced by "Amara video page", meaning the Amara page that gets created when you add the original video's URL in the relevant box of Subtitle Videos.

And in fact, deleting such an Amara video page does not affect the original, elsewhere-hosted video, as the Amara video page only streams the original.

However, the incorrect use of "Amara video" to indicate an Amara page that streams a video, has been going on for a long while as a kind of accepted shorthand. But maybe this should be reconsidered: in fact, the last wording of the forum topic mentioned in your quotation says, in the "Copyright-motivated removal requests" part: "...please note that does not host any videos, we simply list and embed them for subtitling purposes. "

There are different reasons why users may want such Amara video-streaming pages deleted, as the replies to the mentioned help topic show. For instance:
  • An Amara page has been started from one online copy of a video, and abundantly subtitled. Then someone starts a second Amara page from a second, identical copy. Then the first original copy gets deleted or made private, so the subtitles made from/on the first Amara page can't run on anything. In such a case, deleting the second Amara page enables adding the original URL it streams to the first Amara page, and have its already made subtitles  working again. 
  • Some users connected their YouTube account to Amara without accurately reading what this connection entails, i.e. that their unlisted YouTube videos would get streamed on Amara and thus be indexed by search engines.
  • Some users started an Amara page for a video just to try the subtitling app, without realizing that they would be unable to delete the Amara page themselves.

And then:

  • Some users wrongly identified a video's language and as the dialog box says that this identification cannot be changed, they want to start again from scratch. However, Amara staff can actually correct such misidentifications, so it's better to request this correction in a ticket.


A reasonable point is that if Amara does not host the video and the subtitles are just an overlay on the original video, why is it necessary to ask Amara to remove the video? One reason could be that the video's origin may not be within the user's control, such as a video hosted publicly on a website or a video shared by others.

Is there a way to transfer the captions and translations from one video to another on Amara?

In addition, can I delete the captions associated with a video without deleting the entire video entry?

Thank you for your questions, toddkennedy.

1. Yes, captions and translations can be transferred from one video to another: download them from the first video and upload them to the other one.

2. Yes: you can delete each caption/subtitle file you have made yourself without deleting the entire video page. However, you cannot delete a caption/subtitle file others have contributed to.



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