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The caption file we worked on the amara does not play on Android

There showes subtitles on iOS and Windows, but not on Android

Is it a problem with the file?

Is there anyone who can help?

Thank you for this question ā”,A恇! group. 

Can you please indicate the Url of the page with the subtitled video? 

If it's not an Amara page, could you please attach the subtitle file to a reply in this discussion,?

This way I'll be able to look at the issue. 



The absence of subtitles on Android while they display on iOS and Windows suggests a potential issue with the caption file itself. It's advisable to review the file format and compatibility with Android systems.

Seeking assistance from Amara support or relevant forums for Android subtitle troubleshooting may provide insights and solutions to address the discrepancy in subtitle display across different platforms.








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