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Subtitles for Vimeo videos not showing + browser compatibility issue

Hi Claude,


>Can you tell me if the subtitles now work for you with IE10 in


Yes, I think the subtitles work.  I say "I think" because the first time it returned "error".  But after that, subtitles showed repeatedly four times.

Attached is the screen shot of "the first time".

(7.24 KB)
Thank you, Sirius.

Then I think that for the time being, I'll describe with the MP4 URL as primary, as the main page for subtitling "Eye of the Beholder", and we can leave the not-working page with just the vimeo URL to developers, so they can explore why it's not working.

Out of curiosity:  we now that know that IE10 does not show OGG videos streamed in Amara, but what about WEBM videos streamed in Amara? For instance, can you view Richard Stallman, A Free Digital Society (© cc-by-nd) that streams (or the original webm  file itself) with IE10?

Because if you can't, then maybe free software advocacy groups could gently notify Microsoft folks that a browser that doesn't work with free video formats as OGG and WEBM is likely to make them lose even more market parts than they have lost over the last 8 years.


Thanks for everything.


>Out of curiosity: 

The first link (Richard Stallman...) appears like  The second link(http://download...)  like


Well, as for IE9, no subtitles on Amara works.  Windows Vista doesn't support IE10.  As a result, those who can see subtitles on Amara are limited to those who have windows 7 or windows 8, if not installed another browza.  I once checked windows Vista with Google Chrome, and Chrome could show subtitles. 




(86.7 KB)
(13.1 KB)
(8.55 KB)


I've found this: WebM Video for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+

Thank you so much, Sirius. Have you installed the plugin for reading WebM videos with Internet Exporer? I was wondering if, once installed, it made it possible to view Amara players that stream WebM videos, like the Stallman video. On the other hand, I don't want to make you spend too much time on this compatibility issue.




Hi Claude

>Have you installed the plugin?

Well, I installed it (it took only seconds) and experimented.  It works fine. 


WebM vs H.264

I didn't know anything about this.  Apple and MS will never intend to support WebM.


Best regards




Hi Sirius,

Thank you for having tried - successfully - the Webm plugin for IE10, and for the link to the AppleInsider article on codecs. Not that I really understood it, being codec-illiterate. What I did grab from it is that the present development of codecs is complex, and that this complexity may cause a browser compatibility issue: hence the addition of "+browser compatibility issue" to the title of this topic.

I guess that until browser developers get to a real agreement on that, when a video stops working in Amara the solution will be to reupload it in a generally supported format like MP4, and add the new URL to the Amara page and make it primary.  But this, of course, opens the copyright can of worms...

Vimeo captions not showing

Thank you for adding this, Robin.

The URL tab of the corresponding Amara page does not mention synchronization. If your Vimeo channel and your Amara account should be synchronized, please create a ticket that will go to Amara's tech staff: they'll be able to correct the issue.



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