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Subtitles for Vimeo videos not showing + browser compatibility issue

Thank you so much, sirius shin. I've created a ticket about this issue, and notified Amara staff.



Amara Staff have now fixed this problem. Thank you for reporting it.


Thank you, Claude


I got an e-mail saying "Amara Staff have now fixed this problem."  But I don't think so.

The problem is with

The timebar ( I don't know how to call it, I mean the bar showing pause, stop, time flow, and Vimeo) never appears even if I put my mouse on the screen, and the video takes a long time to start.  Until it starts, only black screen can be seen. 


I have one more Vimeo video that I didn't tell before:


This one hasn't been corrected.  I'm sorry I didn't check all of my videos, but I created subtitles for almost 200 videos.  I didn't know I had to check all of them.  I don't remember which is Daily Motion or YouTube or Vimeo.  I'll be more careful.



Sorry about that, Sirius: it was a general issue with all vimeo videos streamed in amara and when I was notified that it was fixed, I only tried the one of your videos I still had opened in my browser ( ).

For me too, the player in still only appears as a black rectangle without the vimeo timeline and commands (see attached screenshot), even though the vimeo video per se plays correctly .

However, in, the subtitles show OK for me - they only start at 1:09, though: did you wait until then?


After I got your mail, I checked four times.  "The Eye of the Beholder" is no good as it was. 


As for "The Fever", subtitles showed OK and no problem at all for the first time, but for the second, third, fourth time, subtitles didn't show at all.

Hi Sirius,

For me too,  "The Eye of the Beholder" continues to show as a black rectangle. However, "The Fever" now plays normally, even after several repeats.  Odd: I'll re-report both, anyway.


Hi Claude,

Thank you very much for checking. 

Yes. "The Fever" does play well now.  I checked twice.  I'm so glad. 



Hi Sirius,

Amara staff are looking into the outstanding issue with "The Eye of the Beholder".  Meanwhile, at their suggestion, I messaged "f w",  the uploader of its video original, asking if s/he'd object if I reuploaded the video on, explaining that this would give us a 2nd address from which to stream the video into the Amara page.

So I'd say, let's wait a couple of days, to see whether Amara staff can solve the issue and/or if f w replies.


Thank you for your concern.


All right.  I'll be waiting.


Hi Sirius

So, I reuploaded the "Eye of the Beholder" video in, and that produced 2 URLs that normally can be used in Amara:
  1., the MP4 file I uploaded
  2., the Ogg Vorbis format that the Internet Archive software derived automatically

 Then I added the first URL to the page and made in primary.

But the problem subsists: the player still appears as a black rectangle, without time line and without navigation commands.

So I used the second, Ogg Vorbis URL to create a new Amara video page,, which works. And so I reuploaded your English and Japanese subtitles to it: if you modify them, they'll be attributed to you on the subtitle pages - could you do that please?

I suggest we leave the not working video page for the time being, so that developers can work on it. I was wondering if perhaps the unholy amount of dots in the name of the vimeo video might perhaps be a cause?

Hi Claude,


The conclusion: Everything is all right.  Both English and Japanese subtitles show.


Well, when I was checking what you wrote, the situation changed every time I clicked the rink. Because I couldn't remember which rink I had clicked, I began to take screen shots and keyed in the URL on the pictures. 


While I was doing so, no opened.   I opened my video page on Amara and checked the rink of "The Eye of the Beholder".  It worked fine.  I'll check it  later again just to be sure.


Thank you very, very much. 

Now I understand what you mean.


>Then I added the first URL to the
page and made in primary.
>But the problem subsists:


My computer is windows7.  When I watched the video on above URL with IE10, there's no problem.
But with Google Chrome: Yes, you are right.  just black rectangle and no timeline.


>So I used the second, Ogg Vorbis URL to create a new Amara video page,, which works.


Yes with Google Chrome, but no with IE10.

IE10 says "Sorry, your browser can't play HTML5/Ogg video. Get Firefox."


So if I have to choose between the first URL and the second URL, I'd like to choose the first.

(66.4 KB)
(55.9 KB)
How interesting, Sirius: thanks. Now what we could try is leaving only the not-working vimeo video URL in the page that initially streamed it, in order to add the MP4 URL to the page that now streams the OGG video, and make the MP4 primary there. I'll try that later today. However, it would be great if developers could find a solution where whatever video formats can be used to create / streamed in an Amara page work with all browsers.


Hi Sirius,

Re the "Eye of the Beholder" Amara pages: I have now 

Can you tell me if the subtitles now work for you with IE10 in

If they do, then we could add something in the description and comments of both pages, indicating that is the working page from now on? If they don't, then I'll revert to the former situation you described. But it would be a bit of a pain in the neck to have to use one page for subtitling with IE10 and another page for subtitling with other browsers, even though the subtitle files could be transfered between both pages to keep both pages updated...

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