This article will help you manage the details of your Amara Free user account. Continue reading to find out how to update your account information, add videos to Amara’s public workspace, view your account activity and more!

Everyone on Amara starts out with a free Amara user account. After you create your account, you can find volunteer teams or create your own teams. Learn more about contributing and creating Amara teams or check out our options for creating your own private subtitling workspace.

Your Amara profile page is public, so if you copy the URL and share it with others they will be able to see your contributions to public teams. Click the Account option in the dropdown menu in the top right corner of any Amara page to visit your profile page.


If you do not have an Amara account yet, you can still browse and search for public videos and watch them with subtitles in the Amara video player.

To view or change your account settings and information, click your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen and click the Account item from the drop-down menu:



On your Account page, you can:

  • Add or change personal information

  • Change your email, username, or password

  • Change your notification settings

  • Copy or change your API key (more information about API below)

  • View your activity on Amara

  • Add or remove integrations to YouTube and Vimeo


Personal Information

After you sign up to Amara, you can choose to share more about yourself with your new community, including:

  • Your Languages

  • First (given) and last (family) name

  • Short biography

  • Link to your personal page or a social network profile

  • Photo or another image for your Amara avatar

Keep in mind that Amara user profiles are exposed to public search engines so choose carefully what you want to tell the world about yourself! You have complete control of all your personal information shared on Amara. You can update or remove any information, at any time, by following the account deactivation steps at the bottom of this article.


Your languages

Click the Edit link next to your languages to add or change the languages listed on your account. We strongly recommend that you only list languages that you can fluently create subtitles in. 

  • You can select up to 6 languages

  • These languages will be at the top of language menu dropdowns when you: 

    • Add new subtitles to a video

    • Browse available subtitling assignments in a team

    • Receive notifications broadcasted messages from team administrators about new videos in your selected languages.

You must have at least one language set on your account to be able to join an Amara team.



Click the Edit link next to the About section on your Account page to add a photo. When uploading a photo, please keep the image file size under 1MB. If necessary, crop the photo or save it at a lower resolution. Always click the Save Changes button to confirm edits to your account information.

If you wish to deactivate your account, you can choose to delete account data or remove any unwanted details from your profile page and save the changes before you proceed.


Login information

To change your username or email address, enter the new login credentials in the relevant field on the User Details panel and click the Save Changes button. 


If you know your password

To change your password, type your new password both the New password and Confirm new password fields. Then type your current password in the Current password field to prove your identity and click the Save Changes button.


If you don’t know your password

You can reset your password by email by clicking the reset it by email link. This is useful if you forgot your password or if you created your account using one-click login. Follow the instructions on the screen and check your email inbox for the password reset link. 


Note: You need a valid email address to be associated with your user account to reset your password by email. If you do not have a valid email address or a functional password, please contact Amara Tech Support at for assistance.



This section enables you to customize the way you get updated about the changes to your videos, subtitles, teams, assignments, new personal and team broadcasting messages, etc.

Notify by message - if this checkbox is checked, you will receive the system notifications through your onsite message inbox. Clearing this checkbox will disable onsite messaging. We recommend that you leave this option enabled.

Notify by email - if this checkbox is checked, copies of personal messages and system notifications will be sent to the email address associated with your user account. You may turn this option off, if you like - just remember to keep checking your onsite inbox to make sure you have not missed anything important!


API Access

Amara provides a REST API to interact with the site. From your Account page you can generate an API key, copy the existing API key, or reset the API key. Please contact us at if you’d like to use the Amara API for commercial purposes. 


Delete Account

The button at the bottom of the page allows you to deactivate your user account on Amara in case you do not need it anymore. Account deletion cannot be undone without assistance from Amara Tech Support, so please do not try this option unless you are absolutely sure you do not need your account.

This feature enables you to export subtitles that you create from Amara to your account on a video hosting site. Completed subtitles created on Amara should automatically export to the linked video hosting account. 


YouTube and Vimeo integration sections under the Integrations page for a user account

Learn more about connecting to YouTube and Vimeo with your Amara user account.


To open your personal activity log on Amara, click your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen and click the Account item from the drop-down menu.

Next, click the Activity tab in your user account page. You will see a list of your recent activities on Amara which includes video submissions, subtitle edits, and team assignments:


The activity tab highlighted on an Amara user account page


Each item in your activity list includes links to the videos and subtitles you worked on, which makes it easier to access your current or previous work.

At this time, Amara does not provide an organized, searchable list of subtitles a user has contributed to, but we understand the need and demand for such a list. In the future, we plan to add this option. Stay tuned for updates.


Amara users have complete control over their account and any information shared on Amara. We are always happy to help with access to accounts so you can choose the options that work best for you. 

Please note: Deactivating your personal Amara Username will not cancel Paid Subscription Plans. If you have a team with a paid subscription and would like to cancel your subscription, please contact



Deactivating your Amara account

If you decide that you no longer wish to subtitle videos on Amara and do not need your Amara account anymore, there are several options you can choose to deactivate your account explained below. 

You cannot reactivate your account without assistance from Amara tech support.

  • You can request reactivation of your account by contacting and providing previous username and email address linked to deactivated/retired account



Deactivating your account on Amara does the following:

  • Hide your personal name in your user profile and in video and team activity logs - other users will see "Retired user" instead of your name

  • Hide your personal activity history

  • Remove you from all the teams where you are a member

  • Stop sending email notifications when the videos or subtitles you follow get changed

  • Unlink any social network accounts that were linked to your profile, so that they can be used to sign up to Amara again

  • Unlink YouTube and Vimeo accounts that were linked to your profile, so that they can be linked to other Amara users



However, deactivating your account does not: 

  • Permanently remove your account or any video or subtitle submissions from the Amara database

  • Hide the list of your video submissions that have subtitles created by other users in your profile

  • Delete personal information you that added in your profile:

    • First and last name

    • Biography

    • Homepage

    • Email address

    • Profile photo (avatar)


See the “Deleting Account Data” section below If you want more data removal options in addition to deactivating your account.


If you do not have a password for your account yet, please set it before you try to deactivate your account. You will need your password for deactivating your account and/or deleting data and personal details.

Next, click on your username in the top right-hand corner.

  • Select Account page in the drop-down menu

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view Delete Your Account button

  • Click the Delete Your Account button



Delete Your Account button highlighted with a mouse on the Amara user account page



You will see a page with your deactivation options.


Deactivation options highlight screenshot


After you click the Deactivate button, you have successfully deactivated your Amara Account! 



Delete account data



In addition, you can choose to delete your account data by checking the options below. 


Both these options are permanent and irreversible even by Amara staff.


Deleting account data does the following: 

  • Delete the personal information that you added in your profile:

    • First and last name

    • Biography

    • Homepage

    • Email address


 Delete personal information highlight screenshot


 If you are concerned about your privacy, please check the first box 'Delete account data' when deactivating your account!



Delete videos and subtitles


This will delete videos that you have added to Amara that no other user has added subtitles to. 

  • It will only delete the subtitles that you created for the related videos.


If you have videos you want removed from the Amara platform completely please see Deleting Videos from Amara.



 Delete Videos and Subtitles highlight screenshot


Please enter your password to confirm. After you click the Deactivate button, the data that you selected will be permanently removed.


You can see in many languages! Click the globe in the top left corner  to contribute to crowd-source translation of this site for people in your language community:



Amara will also automatically try to detect your language via your OS or Browser settings. See how to change your settings on


Be aware that the Amara website is translated by volunteers, so not every language has every part translated—you may see a mix of English and your language. If you can help us translate Amara in your language, please have a look on Amara’s site localization on Transifex. Note: The name of the project refers to Amara’s old name, “Universal Subtitles”.

We use Transifex to translate the website, and our users are more than welcome to help adding translations or correcting current incorrect translations. Please note that your changes will not always be instantly available on the Amara site.

You can also explicitly set the language via Amara's URL. If you want to view the site in English, just make sure to add the two letter language code (en = English) in the URL, like this:

Set language circled in URL


Here's a list of language codes for your reference. Note that we use ISO 639-1 language codes on the Amara site.



If you have any questions email


Thank you for your contributions to support an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please share your feedback!

  • To submit a quick ticket, click No in the Did you find it helpful link below.