Ready to start making more content accessible through subtitling and captioning? Great! Here is how to find the team for the organization you want to contribute to.  


Find a team


Header navigation with Team Workspace highlighted


  • You can search for a public Amara team to join on the Amara Team Workspace

    • Search to find a specific team by its name

    • Sort by date created to find the newest teams

    • Sort by number of team members

  • Or you can check out our most popular Amara teams


Note: Our public Amara teams are volunteer teams. If you are interested in professional subtitling work you can apply to join Amara On Demand.

Join a team

The process for joining a team differs depending on that team's admission settings:

  • Open Admission: Anyone can join. Click the Join Team button on that team’s page

  • Application Admission: Some teams require you to apply and be approved by a team Admin. Visit the team page and click the Apply to Join button.

  • Invitation Admission: Some teams allow people to join by invitation only. A current team member must invite you to the team. If the team is publicly visible, you can click the Members tab on the team page, search for a team member with the Admin role, and ask to be invited to the team.

Start Subtitles in an Amara Team

So you are ready to start subtitling in an Amara team, where do you get started? The best place to go is to your team Dashboard page to find opportunities to start for subtitling.



Team dashboard with translate button and header dashboard button highlighted.


Depending on your team's settings, you will either see videos available for subtitling or language-specific assignments created by team Managers and Admins.


The team Dashboard will have a sample of the newest or highest priority subtitling opportunities. You can view your recent subtitles in the History section of the dashboard. Click on a subtitle language to view more information about that set of subtitles. Click on the video title to go to the video page and view a list of all subtitles created for that video. 


To find more videos or assignments on your team, click the Find more link at the bottom of the page.



View all team videos

Filter, sort, or search by video title to find your next subtitling opportunity on the Videos tab:


Filter and sort menu highlighted on videos page for an Amara team.


You can filter team videos by:

  • Video language

  • Subtitle languages needed

  • Project that the video belongs to

  • Duration of the video

You can sort team videos by:

  • Date video added to team

  • Title of video



Subtitle Page

View the status of your subtitles, edit subtitles, compare revisions, or follow subtitles for updates when changes are made on the subtitle page. You can view who created each revision on the right side of the page. Click the Activity tab underneath the video to see who has reviewed your subtitles.


Edit subtitles, revision history, follow toggle, and subtitle information sections highlighted and numbered on the subtitle page for a contributor in an Amara team without assignments


  1. Edit subtitles and view status

  2. Compare two revisions of subtitles

  3. Edit or follow edits to this set of subtitles

  4. View subtitle information and activity



Contact team members

To find a specific member of your team, click the Members tab at the top of the page:


Member directory page in new style amara team with search and filter and sort options highlighted


Click on a team member’s name to visit their team profile. Then you can send a message to ask for help, give advice, or get to know your team members!


Send message button highlighted on team member page in new style Amara team



Thank you for your contributions to support an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please share your feedback!

To submit a quick ticket, click No in the Did you find it helpful link below.