Typically, joining a team will allow you to work on subtitles for videos that belong to that team.

Some teams can be set up to allow any Amara user to work on their subtitles, regardless if they are a team member.

To join a team, you first need to go to the team page in Amara. You can search for teams by going to www.amara.org/en/teams/

The three processes for joining a team is:

  1. Open - Anyone can join this team. All you have to do is visit the team page and click “Join Team”.

  1. Application - You will need to visit the team page and click “Apply to Join” and fill out their application. Once submitted, the team admin will review your application and either accept or reject your application.

  1. Invitation - When you visit a team that only allows new members via invitation, you won’t see a button that prompts you to join it-- one of the team members will need to invite you first. You can send a private message to one of the team members by clicking the “Members” tab on the team page.