Amara’s team plans offer a secure and private workspace with tools and workflows for management of the team, team videos and team members.

Features vary between different Amara teams, but advantages of a team are:

  • Customized workflow and editorial tools.

  • Premium features in the subtitle editor.

  • Option to keep your content private.

  • Importing and exporting to external sites such as YouTubeVimeoBrightcove and Kaltura.

  • Customizable team admission settings.

  • And more!

Learn more about our different team plans on Amara's Subtitle Editor pricing page.

Amara team types

You know your needs best!  Each team offers different features like video and team privacy, customizable workflows, member roles, or a greater number of members allowed on your team.

You can choose from one of our platform team plans: Amara PlusAmara Community, and Amara Enterprise.

Or, our Amara Integrated plan is a unique team type where our award-winning subtitle editor is integrated via API into your LMS, CMS, or anywhere your video content is stored. Amara Integrated allows your team to create, edit, review and publish subtitles and translations from inside your own working environment.

Create an Amara team

Some teams, such as Amara Plus and Amara Community, allow for self-sign up. To get started, simply click the Sign Up button under the plan that is right for you.


Teams such as Amara Enterprise and Amara Integrated require set up by an Amara Platform Team member.  You can tell us more about your organization and needs in the Contact Us form under the plan heading, and a member of the Amara Platform Team will be in touch. 


Set up your Amara team

Let’s get started with your new Amara team by choosing your team settings that are best for your needs.

Team settings

There are a variety of settings you can adjust to suit your team’s specific needs. Team Owners and Admins can access the team’s Settings page. From there, you can:

  • Add a team description, logo, and banner.

  • Set team admission policy.

  • Set team, video, and subtitle visibility on Amara.

  • Set custom messages and notifications for team members.

  • Manage third-party integrations.

  • Amara Enterprise teams can customize workflow on the Workflow page and subtitle specifications (CPS, CPL) on the Subtitle Editor page.

Adding members to your team

Anyone who wants to work on your team, whether they are a vendor or a member of your in-house localization team, must first create an Amara account. It’s free to sign up!

Note: Amara users must have at least one language set on their account to be able to join an Amara team.

Team Admission Settings

There are three types of team admission: Open, Application, and Invitation.

Any Amara user can find and join a team with an Open admission policy.

For teams with Application admission, Amara users can find the team but must apply and be approved by team Admins before they can join a team.

For teams with Invitation admission, the team is not visible to anyone except team members, and a team Admin has to invite a user to a team.


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