Amara Community Team

A centralized way to manage your community of contributors within a controlled space. Amara Community is a powerful option that enables higher quality subtitles for your video.

  • All of your volunteers under one roof

  • Tap into the social connections of your multilingual fans. Reach new audiences near and far!


Amara Community teams are public-facing so your videos and subtitles will be visible to any Amara user. 

Learn How to Manage Your Amara Community Team:

You can choose between your Public and Team workspaces.

Top navigation on amara with team workspace highlighted

Find your team under Teams you manage and click the Go to team link: 

Go to team link highlighted on team card under teams you manage in team workspace on amara

You can select the languages that you want subtitled for your videos when you first set up your team, or from the Settings > Subtitle Languages page. 

  • Carefully select your subtitle languages because your team has a limited number of languages

    • After you save your selected languages, languages cannot be changed

  • Languages supported on Amara 

    • Choose your languages from these language options on Amara 

    • Note: With the basic Amara Community plan, 5 languages are included

Subtitle language selector in subtitle language settings page in amara community team

Choose how you add videos to your team

  • Go to your team page> Videos, and then click the Add videos button:

    Add videos button highlighted on videos tab of amara community team

  • or, connect your YouTube channel in Settings > YouTube Channel

Who can add videos to your team?

The team’s settings determine who can add videos. Admins and owners can always add videos, while managers can do so depending on permissions. Admins and owners can toggle them in Team Settings > Permissions.

Video management section of permissions settings page in amara community team

If an Amara user has already added a video to the Public Workspace, that video will not automatically show up in your Amara Community team. Please contact if you have questions about videos from your YouTube channel that have already been added to Amara Public. 

You can add multiple videos from Amara and other sites. 

  • Click the Add multiple video URLs tab in the dialog box and enter one URL per line:

Add Video dialog box with add multiple video URLs option highlighted

Troubleshoot adding videos to your team

Amara doesn't host the videos you add. We only store subtitles and some related data, and play the videos from their source location.

  • Videos must be embeddable. This means that either they should be a direct link to a HTML5 compatible video, or to a player supported by Amara (like YouTube or Vimeo). If you have the option, whitelist for embedding on the video's source site.

Filter, sort, search, and find all team videos on the Videos tab:

Videos page with search filter and sort highlighted on amara community team

To add a video feed from its hosting site, your Amara Team must be authorized to import videos.

  • Go to Settings > YouTube Channel to set up automatic video import from YouTube.

Settings tab on Amara Community team with Youtube Channel tab and Add YouTube Channel button highlighted

When linking your YouTube channel to your team, you can choose to import videos, subtitles, and auto-captions automatically. If all of the videos on your channel are in the same language, you can set your channel language to automatically set video language when you import. You can also choose to export subtitles to YouTube when they are completed on Amara.

Link YouTube channel modal in Amara team with importing and exporting options for videos and subtitles.

After connecting, Amara will import subtitles and video title, description, and thumbnail for all: 

  • Existing public videos 

  • New videos (added after you connect channel)

  • Please note: Unlisted videos are not automatically imported to Amara. If videos are marked as unlisted on YouTube, our system cannot see them and therefore cannot import them. You can still add these unlisted videos manually by going to Videos > Add a video. You can add multiple video URLs to import videos in bulk.  

You can choose how new members join your Amara Community in the main Settings page. 

  • Invite members or accept applications to start building your team of subtitle contributors.

  • View your current members on the Members tab in your team. 

  • Filter, sort, and, search for members in your team in the Members tab. Click on a member to view their profile, their activity and their languages. 

  • Click the green + button to invite members or review applications. 

Members page on community team with invite members button and member row highlighted

Visit your team dashboard to find videos to subtitle:

Team dashboard with video highlighted

Any team member can start subtitles as soon as a video is added to the team. To view all team videos, click Videos at the top of the page or the Find more videos that need subtitling link below.

Click on the video title to go to the video page and view a list of all subtitles for that video. To view all of the subtitles you have worked on for your team, click the See All link in the history section.


Start new subtitles, edit incomplete subtitles, and view video information and history on a video’s page.

Video page with add/edit subtitle button highlighted on Amara community team

Click on the subtitle language to view complete and incomplete subtitles, edit subtitles, compare revisions, or follow subtitles for updates when changes are made on the subtitle page.

Edit subtitles, revision history, follow toggle, and subtitle information sections highlighted and numbered on the subtitle page for a contributor in an Amara team without assignments

  1. Edit subtitles and view status

  2. Compare two revisions of subtitles

  3. Edit or follow edits to this set of subtitles

  4. View subtitle information and activity

Go to the Subtitle Orders tab in your Amara Community team to order subtitles or to change the number of seats, number of languages, or your payment information.

Subtitle Orders tab highlighted in Amara team page

  • Creators (6% off) 

  • Creators using Amara Community (12% off)

  • Exclusive YouTube discount is available only:

    • With purchase of prepaid bundle, starting at $50

    • For the languages listed above

    • With Standard service delivery (see details below)

    • For videos hosted on YouTube that are public or unlisted


Learn more about Amara On Demand for YouTube Creators


Learn more about importing an exporting with Amara teams. For any questions please email


Thank you for your contributions to support an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!