Kaltura is a content management application that allows you to upload media files, create custom video players, create video feeds, and much more. 

Connect your Kaltura account to your Amara Team to create and automatically update subtitles using the Amara Editor!


Enable Kaltura

Create Feed in Kaltura

Add Video Feed to Amara


If you are an administrator of an Amara Team…

Follow these steps to export subtitles from Amara to content on your Kaltura account:

  1. Enable Kaltura

In Kaltura:

  • Find your Partner ID and Secret under Settings > Integration Settings:


In Amara:

  • Enable Kaltura

    • Team page > Settings > Integrations

    • Check Enable Kaltura

    • Enter your Kaltura Partner ID and Administrator Secret

    • Save Changes! 

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  1. In Kaltura: Create Feed 

  • Feed must use Video Player with Captions enabled

    • Edit Video Players:

      • Studio tab

        • Create or Edit playlist

        • Click the eye icon in left panel

        • Check box next to Captions to enable

  • Create Feed

    • Content > Syndication

      • Click Create New Feed on the right

      • Select your content

        • All Content 

        • From Playlist

          • Content > Playlists

          • Add Manual Playlist

            • Opens pop-up window

            • Add content from library one entry at a time

            • Filter videos by category tags for quick search

          • Add Rule Based Playlist

            • Opens pop-up

            • Sort content by recently added, most played, highest rated, entry name

            • You can limit number of entries to add to your feed

            • Filter videos by category tags for quick search

      • Choose Feed Type

        • Each feed type has different parameters that display after you select an option in the dropdown menu

        • Opera Snap TV is the simplest feed type

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  1. Add Video Feed from Kaltura to Amara

  • In Kaltura

    • Content > Syndication > Copy Feed URL


  • In Amara

    • Team page > Settings > Feeds

    • Add Video Feed > Enter URL

      • Import feed

After enabling Kaltura and adding video feeds, completed subtitles will automatically export to Kaltura. Updates made on Kaltura will not export to Amara.

Note: Adding videos to Amara using a direct URL will ONLY import the video and export subtitles, but not import metadata. To import metadata with a Kaltura video, make sure you add the video to Amara through a feed.

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  • Check to see if your Amara subtitles exported to Kaltura

    • Content > Entries

    • Click Entry name

    • On left panel, click Captions

  • Manually add subtitle files from Amara

    • Click on Video > Subtitle language

    • Click Download on top right of Subtitle Details page

    • In Kaltura go to Content > Entries

    • Click Entry name > Captions > Add Another Caption

  • If two copies of a video are added...

    • You may have added a video using both a video feed and a direct URL
      • Adding a video from Kaltura with its direct URL creates a copy of the video on Amara without metadata (title, description)
    • The most recent set of subtitles updated for either copy of the video: 
      • Exports to Kaltura 
      • Replaces any previous versions in that subtitle language for that video
    • Add videos using Kaltura video feeds only to avoid confusion

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