This article shows you how to connect Kaltura to Amara Teams for video import and subtitle export.

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Before adding video feeds from Kaltura to Amara, you must enable the integration. 

Find integration information in Kaltura 

In Kaltura, go to Settings > Integrations to find:

  • Partner ID

  • Secret


Enter information on Amara

Go to your Team > Settings tab > Integrations page


Kaltura section on Amara team integrations page with integration enabled and text fields for partner id and secret

  • Click the + button to open the Add account dialog box

  • Click the Kaltura tab

  • Enter your Kaltura Partner ID and Administrator Secret

  • Click the Add Kaltura account” button in the dialog box

You can create a video feed for all your Kaltura videos or for a filtered list. After creating your video feed, find the URL and add it to your Amara team to start importing videos.

Note: Captions must be enabled in video player settings for subtitles to export from Amara to Kaltura.

Enable captions in video player settings

  • Edit video player settings in Studio tab

    • Create or Edit playlist

    • Click the eye icon in left panel

    • Check box next to Captions to enable

Create new video feed

Go to Content tab > Syndication tab

  • Click Create New Feed on the right

  • Select your content

    • All Content 

    • From Playlist

      • Go to Content tab > Playlists tab

      • Choose how to create your playlist

Create feed from manual playlist

  • Clicking “Add Manual Playlist” opens pop-up window

  • Select content from library one entry at a time

  • Filter content by category tags for quick search

Create feed from rule-based playlist

  • Clicking “Add Rule Based Playlist” opens pop-up window

  • Select rules to filter, sort, and limit your playlist

    • Sort content by recently added, most played, highest rated, entry name

    • Filter videos by category tags

    • You can limit number of entries to add to your feed

Choose Feed Type

  • Each feed type has different parameters that display after you select an option in the dropdown menu

Find video feed URL in Kaltura

Go to Content tab > Syndication tab > highlight and copy Feed URL


Add video feed to Amara team

After setting up your integrations, go to Team > Settings tab > Feeds page to enter the feed URL.


Add video feed button highlighted on video feed settings page in new style Amara team

Click the cloud icon to import videos after you add the video feed URL.


Import button highlighted on video feed settings page for new style Amara teams

After enabling Kaltura and adding video feeds, completed subtitles will automatically export to Kaltura. Subtitle updates made on Kaltura will not export to Amara.

Note: Adding videos to amara using a direct URL will not import metadata. 

Adding a video from Kaltura to Amara will import the video and export subtitles. Changes made to subtitles on Amara will update subtitles in the same language on Kaltura.

Check for subtitles exported to Kaltura

  • Go to Content tab > Entries tab

  • Click Entry name to open pop-up window with video information

  • On left panel, click the Captions” item to view all subtitles for the video

Manually add subtitle files from Amara

  • To to Amara team page > Videos tab

  • Click Video title or thumbnail

  • Click subtitle language

  • Click “Download” and select file format in dropdown menu


Download subtitle format dropdown menu highlighted on subtitle page for completed english subtitles

After downloading your subtitles:

  • Open Kaltura and go to Content tab > Entries tab

  • Select entry name > select Captions from left panel 

  • Click Add Another Caption” and select the subtitle file to upload

If you have two copies of a video on your team

  • If you add a video using both a video feed and a direct URL

    • You will have two copies of the video on your Amara team

    • Video added through direct URL will not have metadata (title, description)

  • The most recent set of subtitles updated for either copy will export to Kaltura and will replace any previous versions in that language

  • Add videos only using Kaltura video feeds to avoid confusion