Important note: we are in the process of updating the Brightcove integration with Amara. If you are interested in integrating a Brightcove and Amara account please email us at so we can help! 

Update in progress - reference only

If you are an administrator of both an Amara Team and a Brightcove VideoCloud account, connect your accounts to import Brightcove videos and export Amara subtitles.

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Before enabling your Brightcove integration, you must get the following information from Brightcove:

  • Publisher ID (Account # in Brightcove)

    • Found in Account Information page

    • Or under Account name on Brightcove account homepage

  • Client ID 

    • Find in API Authentication tab on Brightcove

  • Client Secret 

    • Shown only when authentication first registered

    • Save client secret in secure location for future use



Register Amara on Brightcove

Register New Application for your Amara Team on Brightcove:

  • Open Admin dropdown menu

  • Click API Authentication

  • Click Register new application

  • Select Brightcove accounts you would like to authorize

  • Select permissions for registration

    • In most cases, you need to get permissions for all CMS API operations.

  • Click Save to submit and view client access information

  • Copy Client Secret to secure location

Note: You will not be able to access this page again. There is no way to recover a lost secret.


To revoke a client registration, click the Revoke link next to the registration. Revoking a registration permanently disables it.



Go to your Team page > Settings tab > Integrations page.

Click the Enable Brightcove checkbox and enter the following information from your Brightcove Account:

  • Publisher ID (Account # in Brightcove)

  • Client ID (available under API authentication tab)

  • Client Secret (only shown when authentication first created)



Export subtitles

Subtitles completed on Amara will automatically export to Brightcove. 

Initial subtitles or changes made on Brightcove Studio will not be imported to Amara, and may be overwritten. 



Get direct link to Brightcove video

  • Find and copy direct link on Brightcove video page

    • Go to Media module on Brightcove

    • Click video title to go to the video page

    • Copy direct link to video in Video files section

Learn more about finding direct links video in Brightcove.


Add a video to Amara

  • Go to Team page > Videos tab

  • Click Add Videos

  • Enter direct link video URL

  • Set original video language



Some Brightcove videos do not interact gracefully with the Amara editor - you may experience difficulties playing or pausing the video. You may also be unable to see time ticks on the timeline.


If the video doesn't start at all, the most likely reason is that your browser is blocking content that mixes http and https links, as is the case for Brightcove's player. Usually it'll be enough to change the URL in the navigation bar so it starts with http:// instead of https://, and pressing Enter to load the modified URL.


If this doesn't work, you can whitelist Brightcove on Firefox by following these steps:

  1. On the Amara video page, click the URL tab under the video

  2. Copy the URL under the video

  3. Paste the URL in the navigation bar and press ENTER

  4. A blank page will load, and you should see a green lock with a warning sign on the left side of the navigation bar

  5. Click the lock, then the big arrow on the side

  6. Disable the mixed content/security block

  7. Reopen the Amara Editor and try to play the video


This will affect only Brightcove links and it won't be remembered between sessions, so you may have to do this again the next time you want to play a Brightcove video.


If you experience other difficulties, try using Mozilla Firefox instead of Chrome. If none of the above steps help, you can report the issue to



On Brightcove

  • Go to Media page

  • Click video title or thumbnail to go to that video’s page

    • Scroll down to Text Tracks section to view imported caption files

    • Preview captions using Brightcove players

      • Click Publish in top right corner of video page

      • Select player type > play video 

      • Hover over CC icon to view caption options

Note: Captioning settings are enabled automatically in Brightcove video players.

On Amara

Check for issues for a single video:

  • Go to Team page > Videos tab 

  • Click Video thumbnail to go to the video’s page

  • Click completed subtitle language to go to the subtitle’s page

  • Go to Sync History tab under embedded video


Check for issues for entire Brightcove integration:

  • Team > Settings tab > Integrations page

  • Click the Check for syncing issues link


  • At this time, Amara does not import identifying video information (title, thumbnail)

  • Video title can be changed manually

    • Managers and administrators:

      • Team page > Videos tab

      • Choose video with checkbox, select Edit from slideup menu

    • Contributors during transcription assignment

Note: Video title and description can be translated by a team member in the Amara Editor. These translations will only be visible on the subtitle page for the translated language.


The old Brightcove player does not support https, so Amara no longer supports adding these to Amara. Old Brightcove player videos that were already on Amara prior to August 2017 are grandfathered in and will continue to play on Amara.

Thank you for your contributions to support an inclusive and accessible media ecosystem!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please share your feedback!

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