Amara members have complete control over their account and any information shared on Amara.

We are always happy to help with access to accounts so you can choose the options that work best for you. 

Deactivating Account Popup screenshot

Deactivating your Amara account

If you decide that you no longer wish to subtitle videos on Amara and do not need your Amara account anymore, there are several options you can choose to deactivate your account explained below. 

You cannot reactivate your account without assistance from Amara tech support.

  • You can request reactivation of your account by contacting and providing previous username and email address linked to deactivated/retired account


Deactivating your account on Amara does the following:

  • Hide your personal name in your user profile and in video / team activity logs - other users will see "Retired user" instead of your name

  • Hide your personal activity history

  • Remove you from all the teams where you are a member

  • Stop sending email notifications when the videos or subtitles you follow get changed

  • Unlink any social network accounts that were linked to your profile, so that they can be used to sign up to Amara again

  • Unlink YouTube and Vimeo accounts that were linked to your profile, so that they can be linked to other Amara users



However, it does not: 

  • Permanently remove your account or any video / subtitle submissions from the Amara database

  • Hide the list of your video submissions that have subtitles created by other users in your profile

  • Delete any other Personal Information you added in your profile (first and last name, biography, homepage or email address)

  • Remove your profile picture (avatar)

  • See “Deleting Account Data” for more data removal options in addition to deactivating your account


If you do not have a password for your account yet, please set it now as described in Resetting the password section. You will need your password for deactivating your account and/or deleting data and personal details

Next, click on your username in the top right-hand corner.

  • Select Account page in the drop-down menu

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view Delete Your Account button

  • Click Delete Your Account


Delete Account Button screenshot


You will see a popup with the following deactivation options.


Deactivation options highlight screenshot

 Click Deactivate and that’s it, you have successfully deactivated your Amara Account! 

Delete account data


In addition, you can opt to delete your account data by checking the options below. 

Both these options are permanent and irreversible even by Amara staff.

This will delete: 

  • Your Personal Information you added in your profile (first and last name, biography, homepage and email address) 

  • Your profile picture (avatar)

  • Any other data you shared on your Amara user profile


 Delete personal information highlight screenshot


 If you are concerned about your privacy, please check the first box 'Delete account data' when deactivating your account!


Delete videos and subtitles

This will delete videos that you have added to Amara that no other user has added subtitles to. 

  • It will also delete the related subtitles created only by you

If you have videos you want removed from the Amara platform completely please see Deleting Videos from Amara.


 Delete Videos and Subtitles highlight screenshot

Please enter your password to confirm.

That’s it, once you Click Deactivate with the Deletion Options you choose, all data selected will be permanently removed.




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