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Problem with subtitles

Hello Amara,


I have a problem activating Amara subtitles on the videos.

When i want to select subtitles it says

Subtitles unavailable.


What is required for running amara subtitles?


Please help!

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Could you please give the link  to the Amara page(s) where the issue occurs? Different things might cause it.




The problem is caused on every video I want to see with subtitles.  
I can give you for example link on this video:

In the green circle under the video, where you can select which subtitle you want, it show me the following error:

- Subtitles unavailable




Hi Coban

I tried the player in the page you mentioned, and it worked normally on my MacBook with Firefox. I.e. clicking on the green circle,  I was able to change subtitle language, and to see the menu for doing things on the right.

If the issue persists for you, could you please submit a ticket, indicating your OS and browser and link to a not-working page? Tickets get tech staff's answers, whereas here on the forum, I can only give replies based on my user experience.


I have now added a ticket.

Thank you, Coban. I've added a note to your ticket, with a reference to this forum topic.


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