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It appears the site is down as of June 4, 2022 at 4:00 Eastern. Unable to save and "Backend fetch failed" error message. 

Hi Gotham Lab,

The Amara site is currently working normally again. Over the weekend there were intermittent access issues. These issues may have affected your workflow on Amara. Our apologies for any inconvenience. 

If you were working on Amara when there were access issues please follow these tips to prevent the loss of any work.

Restore Unsaved Backups
Login to Amara using the same browser and the same computer you were using when the site timed out.
Open the subtitle set that you were working on in the same Web browser and on the same computer. 
If there is a backup version, you will see a popup in the Amara Editor that asks you to restore or discard the unsaved changes from your interrupted work. 

Important: Do not edit other subtitles in the same browser before you have restored and saved your work!
Click Restore to recover all except maybe the last minute of your interrupted work session.
After this, make sure to immediately save your subtitles by clicking the Save button! 
If you close the subtitle editor without saving, the backup of your work will be discarded. 
If you change your mind about your recent edits, you can click the wrench icon in the Amara Editor then click Revert to last saved version to discard your recent changes.

Download Subtitles for Error Saving Subtitles popup. 

This failsafe option displays for any access issue caused by local system, ISP access or Amara platform. 

Before exiting the editor you should see this screen that prompts you to download the subtitles if they aren't saved correctly. 

You can usually restore the backup using the steps above, but downloading a copy is the best way to ensure no work is lost. 

I hope you have access again now and these tips help you recover any work that wasn't saved normally. 

Let us know if you have more questions!

Amara Support Team 

I am happy to share that the 503 access issues have been resolved as of 06/06/2022. Our team will continue to monitor closely, but we expect no further outages from this issue. We appreciate your patience while we worked to resolve this issue.


Thank you for all your contributions to Amara and happy subtitling!  


The Amara Support Team