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Published version shows incorrect timing on first subtitle

I used a YouTube video and the subtitles are working correctly on the editing screen. However, after I click Publish the first title that's suppose to show up at 1:15 shows on the screen and stays there during the entire clip until it's time at 1:15 - then the rest show correctly. How can I correct? No one from Amara is getting back to me. 


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Thank you for raising this issue, Ashleigh Foutch. 

Actually, Anders Uhlin and Craig Thomas also raised it in the First subtitle starts too early discussion. Anders and you have also created tickets. Anders' ticket is still marked "On Hold", so tech staff are possibly still looking into the issue.

Meanwhile, here's the workaround I suggested in this other discussion: make a first non verbal subtitle. I.e. if there's music until 1:15, write [Music] or if it's noise, describe the noise, or if it's nothing, just write ... in a first subtitle from 0:00 to 1:15.



PS I just read Erin's reply to your ticket, Ashleigh. Her suggestion of a very short blank subtitle at the beginning is more elegant.

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