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How can I stop to be added new movies automatically?

When I post new movies on youtube, amara adds them atomatically to my account. It is very helpful.
Even though, I don't want some of my movies to be subtitled. I want choose and add my movies manually.
How can I stop to be added automatically still keeping my amara account linked with my youtube one.

Thank you for this important question, げらもなな.

If you keep a YouTube account and a public Amara account linked, there is no way to prevent the automatic addition of your YouTube videos to Amara.

However, you can now remove a video that you added to Amara if you are the only contributor to the video: see how to in Deleting Videos or Subtitles on Amara. I am not sure the video will stay deleted from Amara, though, but it seems to be worth trying.



I'm so happy with your prompt reply, Claude. Thank you very much!
May I ask you some more questions?

If I make an amara comunity for my videos, is it a different story?

Thank you, Claude. I'm very happy with your prompt reply.

May I ask some more?

If I pay monthly fee and make an comunity for my videos, is it a different story?


Dear Monana

Yes, a paying community is a different story. However I don't know the paying options in detail. Please ask about it in a ticket that will go to Amara staff: they can tell you exactly what options exist.



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