Deleting subtitles

If you are the sole author of a subtitle set and if no other subtitles

have been translated from it, you can request its removal.  

  • Reply to this Removing Subtitles Forum topic if the video has not been added to any team 


  • If it has been added to a team, in a message to that team's admins

When submitting the request, please

Deleting Videos from Amara

In accordance with the Amara Terms of Service videos subtitled with the use of Amara are not normally removed from the site after subtitling work has been finished.

  • Amara is a free public service and to avoid destroying the results of other people's subtitling efforts, videos submitted through Amara are not normally removed from the site 
  • We want to preserve the collaborative spirit of our community and respect the time and effort of our contributors 
  • Therefore, we will not delete a subtitle or video that has been shared or worked on by other users unless it is an exceptional case

We may be able to make exceptions for videos added by mistake that have no other contributions from other members. 

Please send the following to

  • Video’s URL on Amara

  • Your Username

We’ll see if we can remove it if there are no contributions from other members. 

If you'd like your videos to be made private just follow the Amara Enterprise link to explore the different solutions which offer video privacy as one of the premium features. You can also contact Amara Enterprise experts for more details at that link.


Finally, if you are the legal owner of a video shown in an Amara page created by someone else, and absolutely need to have it removed from, please feel welcome to send a DMCA request (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to


Thank you for your contributions to Amara!

If you have any questions email or use the reply below to share feedback on this article.