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Removing subtitles or videos

Updated August 15th, 2018

Please note that the removal of a video page or a subtitle set does not remove from your profile the entries about your having created/edited them.

Removing subtitles:
If you are the sole author of a subtitle set and if no other subtitles

have been translated from it, you can request its removal  

  •  in a reply to this topic if the video has not been added to any team, or
  •  if it has been added to a team, in a message to that team's admins.

When submitting the request, please

  1. Label as Remove Subtitles and language
  2. URL for the subtitle set's  page in Amara (it looks like this: )
  3. Your Username
  4. Reason for taking down the subtitle set.

Removing videos:

UPDATE August 26 2020:

You can now remove a video that you added to Amara if you are the only contributor to the video. See how to in Deleting Videos or Subtitles on Amara. So please do NOT email support or create a ticket if you want such a removal.

Copyright-motivated removal requests:
If you are the copyright owner of the video, please note that does not host any videos, we simply list and embed them for subtitling purposes.  Removing a video from will not remove the video from wherever it is hosted.  If you need the Amara video listing and subtitles removed for copyright reasons, please submit a request at 

34 people have this problem

Update May 28, 2013: I take it that the rewording of the first post, dated April 1, 2013, was an April's fool? People continue to request the removal of "videos" (actually, of Amara video subtitling pages) because going via DMCA takedown requests makes absolutely no sense in most cases where the removal of a subtitling page is needed. Invoking a copyright violation in a DMCA takedown request makes no sense if people want video subtitling pages deleted, for instance:
  •  because they have accepted the offer to connect their YouTube account to Amara subtitles, without realizing this would entail the creation of an Amara subtitling pages for each of their YouTube videos, including unlisted ones, and the banging in their videos' descriptions of a link to such an Amara subtitling page, thus enabling vandals / spammers to add inappropriate subs to the YouTube original without any moderation possibility
  • because the Amara subtitling page doesn't work anymore because the original media is not streaming anymore in it.
So please restore the original text of the first post of this thread and start fullfilling the outstanding deletion requests: some of them actually pre-date April 1st, 2013.
April's fools shouldn't last 2 months.

1. Delete Video
3. calmansi
4. I created this video to experiment with using Amara to translate a text in several languages.
Then I also used it to translate subs for videos where activity got blocked by the imposed moderation on teams last June. But when Amara forced strict subordination of translated subs to original subs, it blocked all the subtitle sets I'd made. As only some are showing in the list on the left, but others can only be identified by their graying in the language list that appears when you attempt to create a translation, requesting their deletion one by one would be needlessly complicated. All these subtitle sets were made entirely by me.
Therefore I wish that this video page be deleted from Amara, in case I need to recreate it clean in future - e.g. to salvage translations hit by the issue described in If 2 original subs are merged, the translation of the second disappears - and former revisions of the translated subs are destroyed.
Thank you in advance for this video page's deletion.
Hello Claude, it has been removed.
1. Remove Subtitles and Language
3. katieb
4. While still learning the software we accidentally created language files without realising that we couldn't remove them. We would like to start again on the translations for Indonesian and for Arabic, so please delete those languages/subtitles from this video.

1. Remove Italian subtitles of "The Lion King - Be Prepared - Tay Zonday".
3. calmansi.
4. I uploaded the subs - revision 0 -  and they were OK, except that the software marked them complete when I hadn't ticked the box saying so. So I opened the edit interface and resaved, unticking the box, and the subs disappeared, without creating a new version: just leaving an empty revision 0. So could you delete these subs only I worked on, please? I'd like to try reuploading them.
Thank you in advance - and thanks for having deleted the "long blank video"
1. Remove Subtitles - everything except the video... all languages, even english captions
3. chauncey
4. need to start over, I want to upload an English SBV file and the existing (incorrect) subs are preventing me from doing so
removed Arabic and Indonesian for Kathleen Bain, Italian for Claude Almansi, all languages except video for C Cheung.
Thanks Jules! Is it possible to make it so that you can delete any subtitles that you yourself create? Then it wouldn't affect other people's efforts and you wouldn't have to do this manually.
1. Remove NEW Italian subtitles of "The Lion King - Be Prepared - Tay Zonday".
3. calmansi.
4. The software deleted them like the first ones when I used the "Convert to Timed Subtitles" option described in How do I translate subtitles? and did Save and Exit, though this time I didn't alter what the box for "These subtitles cover the entire video" said: this time it was unticked and I left it unticked.

I second C Cheung's proposal - and also: can we have "Translate directly from the video" and a transcript-editing interface for uploaded translations back, please?
Hi Claude

I removed your italian
Thanks, Jules: I'll give it a last try.
Update: Ha! This time it worked! Dunno why, though.
1. Delete subtitle
3. Trần73
4. I chose the wrong language to do the translation. It should be in English, not Vietnamese. Thank you for your help.
Trần Thùy Linh , the "Vietnamese" subtitle has been deleted.
  1. Delete Video
  3. kwizrak2
  4. There is already the video on vimeo, ( wish to add it as a second URL

Just a catch that I found during my experimentation with this video. If you add subtitles by uploading, the convert them into "Timed Subtitles" and then immediatelly exit and save without ticking the box for 100%, then the language does not appear in the video page. You can check in this video for the English, British. I found it out because I tried to reupload them and the system doesn't not allow it as it "sees" the language with a revision.

Also a nice "trick" and a ease of burden to you would be to allow users to delete their own subtitles. I'm processing the procedure. Some thoughts
1) When subtitles are deleted, all other users that had other versions, get a copy of the latest version and their version. If they wish they can upload them again. The problem here is who has the right to delete subtitles? Only the initial uploader/transcriber/translator? If so, a user that accidentally adds a new revision that is wrong, must have the opportunity to delete his revision.
2) Revision-based deleting. Each user could have the ability to delete their own revision. If all revisions are gone, then the language is deleted automatically. This is consistent with the first point.
3) When all languages of a video are deleted, the video should be deleted from database automatically.

I'll think about it and I'll come back with a more "solid" proposal.
Hello Diomedes,

I've deleted your video.

I'll also look into the issue with timing changes you are describing.
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