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Videos I translated appear on my FB account

I tried to connect my account here with FB in order to see my translated videos on my wall. I was told "We're sorry - you've encountered an error." so I came here to get your help. I want my videos to be posted on my wall. 

I have another question, will my name appear with the video I translated??

Thank you :)

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Thank you for your question, Ala.

When you connect your Amara and Facebook accounts as explained in  Auto-Login Using External Account, this only means that you can log in via Facebook or via your Amara username, not that your Amara subtitles will be automatically transferred to Facebook.

However, you could download the subtitles you've made on Amara and add them to your Facebook video: see the Facebook explanation How do I add or remove captions on my video?.

I hope this helps?



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