Create Account with existing identity…

If you already have an Amara account…

Privacy and special considerations...


Create Account with existing identity…


If you want to create an Amara account using an existing identity on another site:

  • Go to our Login/Sign Up page

  • Click the account you would like to use to log in to Amara




Check the email on the Sign Up page. Make sure you have access to this email account before you click Proceed. If you enter another email address on this page, emails from Amara will go to that address. 




You can view your username and email address on your Account tab by clicking your username and selecting Account from the dropdown menu.






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If you already have an Amara account…


From the Amara homepage, click your username in the top right corner and select Account to view your account information. The Account tab shows your username, email, and linked accounts.


You must be logged into Facebook or Twitter in your browser each time you log in to Amara.


  1. Make sure you are signed in to Facebook or Twitter in your browser.  This is important if you share a computer with other people.


  1. Open Account page in your profile (by clicking your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen and selecting Account from the drop-down menu). 


  1. Scroll down to Other Accounts section and click Add an account button:


This will open the following dialog:




Select the appropriate account type (Facebook or Twitter) from the drop-down list and click Link button to complete the action. You will see an entry appear under Add an account button:



Now you can sign into Amara with your username and password or with the Facebook and Twitter buttons as described in our Signing In article


Make sure you are logged into the linked Facebook or Twitter account in your browser, especially if you share your computer with other people. 


If someone else is signed in to their Facebook or Twitter account in your browser, our site will attempt to login or sign up with that account. In this case, login to the correct Facebook or Twitter account and go back to the Sign In page.



Removing a linked Facebook or Twitter account:


If you wish to unlink your Twitter or Facebook account, you can do so anytime by clicking Remove button opposite the account ID. Except for single-click sign in option, nothing else in your account settings will be affected.



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Privacy and Special Considerations:

It is possible to create several Amara accounts with the same email. Make sure you know which email address is associated with your Amara account so you can reset your password when needed.


If you create an account on Amara using an existing identity, some information might be imported from your external account. 


Examples of data that may be imported when creating an account with an external profile:

  • Facebook or Twitter username

  • Facebook profile picture

  • Twitter handle


You can check your account information by clicking username and selecting “Account” from the dropdown menu. View your username, email address, and connected external accounts in your Account Tab.


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