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Sync Timing freezes


I just finished translation for a video that someone else has started but abandoned for some reason. When I started, there were already some translated texts from previous attempt. So I continued on and finished the translation, but when I tried Sync Timing, the sync got stuck on "synced subtitles: 36/315", and the "Start review" button is greyed out. 

Does anyone know what the issue is? Thanks for the help!

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Thank you for your question, Yuelong Dai,

What you describe often happens when there is a1 or more blank subtitle cells.

Please check if there are blank subtitle cell/s. If there are, please delete them, as explained in How do I delete subtitle cells? 

If this does not solve your issue, please notify us in a reply to this topic.


Claude Almansi

Hi Claude, I double checked but didn’t see any blank cell. There were a couple of times before, where there were some blank lines, and the video wouldn’t even start syncing. This time it started but stopped at 36/315 mark.

Thank you for your reply, Yuelong Dai. 

May I suggest you create a ticket - via - about this issue? The ticket will go to Amara tech staff, who are able to address it. In the ticket, please also indicate the URL of your subtitle page on Amara.



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