You can delete any unwanted subtitles from the language you are editing, or delete empty subtitle cells that are preventing you from syncing, approving, or completing subtitles.

Delete Unwanted Subtitles

Hover the mouse over the bottom left-hand part of the subtitle you wish to remove.   The Wrench Icon will appear. 


Hover the mouse over the Wrench Icon and click on the X icon (Delete subtitle).

Or you can click the unwanted subtitle cell and press ALT + DELETE (or ALT + BACKSPACE) keyboard keys to remove it.

Delete Empty Subtitles

If you are unable to sync, approve, or complete subtitles, check for the Subtitles can't be blank warning message in the Editor.

This warning message usually appears in the Translate or Review section in the Progress Panel on the top right section of the Editor window, as shown on the screenshot below:

Note: Many users opt to wait to address blank subtitle cells until they are finished editing the subtitles and are ready to sync, as it is quite easy to create a blank subtitle cell while you are editing subtitles. It can be easier to focus on creation, and then delete empty subtitle cells when you are ready to sync.

There are two ways to delete blank subtitle cells.

1. Delete all blank subtitle cells:
Click on the Timing Tools (Wrench Icon), and choose Delete empty subtitles.


Using this method, all empty subtitle cells will be deleted.

2. Alternately, delete blank subtitle cells individually.
The Subtitles can't be blank message is a clickable link. When you click on it, you are brought to the first blank subtitle cell, for example:



Follow the instructions above to delete an individual subtitle cell.

When all blank or untimed subtitle cells have been addressed, you will see the Yes, start syncing button, or the Approve or Complete button in the Progress Panel. Now you should be able to sync, approve, or mark your subtitles as complete.

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