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Is the subtitle editor tool not working?

I've created a ticket few hours ago due to the fact the editor is not working as it should.

While attempting to create new captions after I select the language (English), I'm stuck and unable to start the video, nor add captions. Typically, I would press tab and/or select the play button.  Also unable to sync.

Thank you for reporting this, Mark.

From the screenshot you added to your ticket, the video which you want to subtitle is hosted on vimeo.  Now Jesper Mattsson Tottie created the  Video windows freezing... topic about a similar issue  with another vimeo video. In the end, he explained that in his case, the problem was due to the vimeo video being private.

Can you check if this might be the case with the video that streams in the page you are working on, please?



Update oops: I found the URL of the Amara editing page in your ticket, and hence, the URL of the vimeo video that streams there: is indeed a private video. Now if you have its password, you could try logging in to vimeo, opening the video in vimeo, then try syncing the subtitles with Amara again. 

As I replied to Jesper, I am still baffled by the fact that a private vimeo video plays publicly in its main Amara page, even if not in the player of the editor.

Updated the video to now public.  Re-attempted to perform the steps again to edit the captions and still stuck....    

Actually before I encountered this issue, the videos prior that I've utilized Amara were also private at that time, and never encountered such an issue until now..

Apologies for having missed your last post, Mark.

In the past, there was a special feature that allowed vimeo users to use Amara from within vimeo on their own videos, public or private. This feature no longer exists: now viimeo videos must be added to Amara via the normal process. And also, others have also mentioned issues with Amara use on vimeo videos.

So I hope the tech staff will address the issue via your ticket.

I am having this same issue right now. My video is on YouTube not Vimeo and it is not set to private.

Thank you for your query, Rayna Nielsen. 

Please indicate the URL of the Amara page you created, so I can look at it.



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