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Video windows freezing...

Can't see video, can't edit. Macbook Pro Mojave. Please help!

Thank you for reporting this, Jesper Mattsson Tottie. I wasn't able to replicate this issue with either Firefox or Chrome on a Linux laptop, unfortunately.

Does this freezing happen for you with all videos streamed in Amara pages?

If yes, which browser/s are you using?

If only with one specific Amara page, please indicate its URL here. when the issue occurs?

Thank you in advance


thanks for answer!

yesterday it worked with chrome not safari

but today booth safari and chrome don't work

it's in editing mode

with all vides


Thank you, Jesper.

In the meantime, I found your ticket #104973 : through your username there, I found the video you link to here, and had the same issue you describe when I entered the editor.


As it occurs with Safari, Chrome and Firefox, it might be a bug with the vimeo/amara syncing. But this kind of bug must be addressed by Amara tech staff, who must have received your ticket. However, as there have been many tickets recently, please be patient!



ok, thank you!

solved it 

it was because it was a private link on vimeo

Great - yet how come I was able to play the video in the main page even if not in the editor when it was set to private in vimeo?

Updare: see also Mark McDonald's Is the subtitle editor tool not working?  topic about the same or a similar issue.

Hi Jasper and Claude,

Thank you for sharing the details for this issue.


Our engineers have run an update to help resolve the issue that was preventing certain Vimeo videos from playing normally in the Amara Editor.


I have checked your video at the link you shared and I was able to view it normally in the player and when opened inside the Amara Editor. 


Please let us know if you are able to access the video normally again. If you have any further problems please reply back with more details so we can help resolve any further issues.
You can share details here or in the ticket. 

Happy Subtitling!

Thank you! And thank you for a great tool for helping the world to understand each other.

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