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Impossible to add videos

It does not seem possible at the moment to add videos for subtitling, both from the APIs and from the web interface. Trying to add them causes an error. I have trying doing this with these videos, which are not accessible from Amara, . It does not seem to be an issue of a particular video, because it does not work for anyone

4 people have this problem

I am experiencing this issue as well.

Thank you, Diego and Sebastian. Tech staff are looking into this and will let us know.


Claude Almansi


Thank you, Claude, for sharing this update with everyone.

In a related issue:

If anyone has submitted a Support Ticket and received an auto-generated email thanking you for applying to Amara you can ignore those replies.

We have received your tickets and will be updating you as soon as possible on any issues you've reported.

Thank you for all your contributions to Amara!


Amara Support Team

We are happy to share that both the ADD Video's issue and the Search Video's functions are both fixed.

If any one continues to have any issues please submit a ticket or post here so we can help.

Thank you for your patience and all your contributions to Amara!



Amara Support Team

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