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Need volunteer help with subtitles please


This is my first post here and I am requesting help. I am new to Amara and subtitling, but I volunteered to subtitle a youtube video of a book author in Russian which is my native language. I am a professional translator but, as it turned out when I started captioning the video, I lack sufficient skills to understand everything I heard spoken. I am a written translator, and need to see the text, my listening comprehension is not perfect, and in some places in the video I cannot decipher what is said and therefore cannot caption it. In some places I had to play the video a few times repeatedly to understand the speaker. So it takes very long time to caption and is frustrating. I need help of a native English speaker to subtitle the video in English so that I can translate written English subtitles into Russian. And probably I will need help syncing Russian subtitles if it is possible to do for another person. (I translated subtitles of a shorter video for training and could never sync it properly myself. I am not good at the technical side, at least now that I just started, and proper syncing is really hard for me to do). Also I did part of translating subtitles for the video in question and they did not get saved when my browser crashed, as I saw no option to save them in the subtitle editor. The video is one hour long, and I will feel really bad if it is not subtitled as I promised to the lady, but I cannot do all the work on it by myself at the moment, because if I use it for learning to subtitle it will be extremely time consuming and also I even fail to decipher the language in quite a number places in it, while for a native speaker it should not be a problem. I am requesting volunteer help with subtitling or can translate any of your English subtitles into Russian in exchange. The video can be viewed here:

I would be very grateful for any help or advice.



Hi Irina,

I have added the video to the Captions Requested team. It's a very open team, meaning that videos there can also be captioned by non members of the team, but on the other hand, team members will get a notification that it is available for captioning; so hopefully, some of them will volunteer to do that.

Re syncing the translation, once you've got the English captions to start from: the English time-codes will automatically be suggested for the Russian translation. So unless you have to split Russian subtitles differently, they will work as they are.




Thank you very much, Claude!


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