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Hi Dear

I would like to request you delete this video  & below is the URL

Yours Sincerely

Laurent Martin

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Hi Laurent,

As explained in the Removing subtitles or videos thread, only subtitle deletions can be requested on this forum.

For video removal/deletion requests:

"If you have added a video to Amara by mistake and if its removal would not affect any subtitling work done by others, you can create a ticket (via to request its removal:

  1. Label as Remove Video
  2. URL for the video's location in Amara (It looks like this:
  3. Your Username
  4. Reason for taking down the video."

Point 4 is particularly important, as Amara video pages are not normally deleted, because adding them means adding them to the community of users. But if you have a compelling reason for requesting the deletion of this video, Amara tech staff who will get your ticket might consider doing it.


Claude Almansi

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