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"Enter" shortcut isn't working

When I'm writing out captions and hit Enter, it should automatically start a new subtitle but it isn't. The subtitle I was writing on loses focus and where the new blank subtitle should show up, it just has a "New Subtitle" button that I have to click manually.

I'm using windows 10 on the latest version of Chrome

Thank you for reporting this, Jesse.

Had you perhaps started syncing before adding new subtitles? I'm asking because that's when I get what you describe. But if you hide the timeline that gets added for syncing - via the tools menu that opens from the wrench icon - then Enter again starts a new subtitle. At least it does for me.

I was unable ti reproduce the issue you describe using the Chrome browser on a laptop with Linux Ubuntu as OS, except when the timeline was showing.

I hope this helps,


Claude Almansi


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You're right, I had the timeline open and that was the issue. Thanks!

I face the same issue on my laptop when I update laptop windows it shows an error or windows detected a hard disk problem would anyone tell me how I sort out that issue from my laptop or share some links related to it. 

Thank you for your question, shopic soe. 

However this is not an Amara issue.but a Windows one. I haven't touched a Windows device in 15 years, so take what follows with a grain of salt: as the page you linked to says, you should back up your hard disk ASAP, and then ask on a Windows-specific help forum.



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