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How do you request a video be subtitled?

I wanted Yes Men Fix the World to be subtitled, how do you do that?

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Hi Lily,

Your students can create an account on, join the Captions Requested team. Then in its "Videos" subpage, they can click on the "Add Video" tab to add the video they want subtitled to the team.

Team members will get an email notification that there are new video/s ready for subtitling.As there are over 3'200 team members, often the video gets subtitled, but not always. So your students could also share the link to the relevant Amara pages via social networks, asking for their friends' collaboration.

However, in my experience as a foreign language teacher, I've found that students often really enjoy making the subtitles themselves, collaborating in small groups if the video is a bit too long for one single person.

Lastly, there is Amara's paying Professional Solutions option, if your school can pay for it.




I want to give my foreign students instructions about how to request subtitles. I can't figure out how to do that. How can they request subtitles?

Please give me the URL of the Amara page for it, and I'll add it to the Captions Requested team.




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