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.ssa subtitles upload but don't appear


I'm trying to upload French subtitles in .ssa format to a video

Ok, I admit that the .ssa file was actually at one point a .docx as it had to be handled by a French proofreader who used Word's revision tool on it.

But since I have got it back, I have copied the text into a .txt file (to get rid of any invisible Word markers and then changed the extension .txt to .ssa)

It uploads ok to Amara (which is normally where it goes wrong if there is still a formatting problem but the subtitles do not appear.

As a workaround, I downloaded the English subtitles again in .ssa format, and pasted in my French subtitles before uploading to Amara (so this document has NEVER had the extension .docx). I told Amara that these subtitles were French of course

Same result, it uploads but French does not the subtitle menu.

The ssa file should be attached

Any ideas please?




 Hi, Safetex,

Right now might not be the best time for experimenting things: see the message added on top of all Amara pages since yesterday noon ca: "Amara is completing our largest upgrade ever... there may be missing data that will reappear over the next few hours-- sorry for the inconvenience!" as well as PCF Support's comment in the My subtitles are gone thread, 18 hours ago as I'm writing this:

"Hi all - there was a glitch in the data migration / upgrade process that  affected recent submissions.  We are working to restore the data from a backup.  Please accept our apologies and we appreciate your patience on this

And the developers seem to have blocked uploads and at least part of the editing as they're working at this restoration, which seems sensible (I just wish they had as sensibly frozen Amara activity before doing the upgrade AND told us so in advance ). 

But once things go back to normal: try perhaps to download your real French subs that don't work as .sbv or .srt and try them first in my mock video for experimenting with Amara things, Long blank video (1:46:39). If the work there, you could then  try to upload them to your real video.

I remember there was a problem with the .ssa of English subtitles uploaded by Hugo Day to Decay (2012) - The LHC Zombie Movie [full film] . Though it was different - the Amara software created repeated subs, but they did run - it could be that the Amara software does not handle .ssa files all that well...

 Hi calmansi justanAmarauser

There are two things here

1 Possibly, everything may have gone wrong cos of the maintenance


2 When I finally managed to get the server to accept my .ssa; (there was a problem with a missing bracket at the beginning, ) it wasn't handled 'correctly'

I had produced it with Subtitle Edit and had even 'formatted' some text.(bold, colour etc) The formatting code was simply printed in the subtitles as content

I also noticed that the software often used "/N' as some sort of code.This too was produced as text.

Many lines were also missing on Amara but present when I play the video in the software. My general impression was the the two systems were not .ssa compatible (or perhaps the formatting code only is not recognised)

Normally, I ask the developer of the software for help and he answers really quickly but I haven't had any news from him in two weeks.

So there you have it.

I'll wait a couple of days and then try to do the job 'online'

But can you tell me if Amara can change text colour, size, style etc please when displaying subtitles?

As far as I remember - I'll check again when the upgrade turmoil has completely settled - formatting you can do in Amara subtitles is limited to bold, italics (by html tags) and line breaks (Shift+Enter).


Just to be precise, there was a menu with different font styles as well

But one of my problems was that half of the functions didn't work even within Subtitle Edit, especially when combined

My general question is could Amara display coloured, bold text, italics etc?

I asked the programmer of Subtitle Edit, but as I said, for the first time ever I have no news from him


PS as you like Amara so much, I'm sure you almost had a heart-attack when it crashed !


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