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Amara + YouTube API

I'm attempting to utilize both Amara's embed capablities and YouTube's Javascript API. The best way I've found to do this is to embed the video using SWFObject and then run the Amara Widgetizer Script on the same page. However, the widgetizer script also resizes all the object embeds it touches, and it's not clear why or how to stop it. If anyone has experience using both of these capabilities together help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Josh,

Sorry, I don't know the answer. So I created a ticket from your topic: you should be notified of replies by Amara's tech staff.




I tried to convert captured amara editing scene file to swf and succeed and upload and seen is also succeed. But interaction I mean entitling user to control the editing is not .... Anybody interested in take advantage of swf in the process applying subtitle translation to education field. Plez reply to this post. 

Thanks in advance. 

cf. Server web connection is failed is the last message when I share the editing scene in sc** player.

Thank you for your comment, 이근영.

Could you please give the link to the Amara page where you tried this? And attach the .swf file you created, if it is < 15 MB, otherwise upload it to some sharing site like dropbox and share the link?

Also, could you explain why you are trying to use the .swf format? I mean, if you want to work offline on a set of subtitles, isn't it easier to download them in one of the formats Amara offers?




Okay I will adopt teamviewer for interaction with students. Thanks^^

ps. Actually the swf is < 15MB

Thank you for your reply, 이근영. It's great you found an alternative solution.

I didn't express myself clearly, sorry. I meant attaching the .swf file here, in a reply to this discussion in case you wanted me to look at it.


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