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How to delete completed subs?

Hi all!

I occasionally added subs to the video, which are not complete and clicked "it's 100% complete". I have a file with complete translation, but now I can't add it as it says the video already has completed subs. Can you please remove subs from this video, so I can add the right one?

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Hello Julia, 

I've deleted the subtitles for you.  Just click on "Already have subtitles for this video? You can upload them directly." and you should be ready to go in uploading your new subs. Just in case you should want them, here are the subtitles I deleted.

H, Jules. I completed subtitles for this video but there's some mistakes and I'd really like for them to be deleted. I tried but it still shows them. It needs some redoing and I'm not able to do it. Would really like for them do be deleted. Thank you. Link: 

OK, you could just have told me in the other thread that you really wanted the Brazilian Portuguese subtitles  to be deleted :)

I have done so now.



Update Apologies: I had not seen that your replies on the other thread got blocked by the blinking spam filter of this forum.

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