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Delete Request.

Hi , I was trying to learn the system. By mistake I have just uploaded two unfinished subtitles and marked them as %100 complete. I have the %100 complete sub  but I cannot upload because it says " there is already another version".

Can you please delete both English , and Turkish subtitles for this post.

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I would like to delete the English subtitiles shown in the editor mode. La

I accidently uploaded my Japanese text to it. so it appears in Japanese instead of English in the left Reference Language area.

I want to re-upload the English SRT (attached) file to use as a reference to type in Japanese into the Editing Area:

Thank You

Thank you for your request, Miho.

I have entirely deleted the "English" subtitles that were in Japanese. Now you can upload those that are really in English, or let me know if you prefer me to do it.

Question: in order to delete the subtitles, I had to add to the Captions Requested team, where I have admin privileges to delete subtitles. As this is a video that might interest other members of the team, who might wish to translate the subtitles into other languages, would it be OK if I leave it in the team's videos?

If not, please let me know, and I'll remove it from the team.


Claude Almansi

Thank you very much for your help.

Yes, it is OK to leave it in the team's videos.

Miho Johnston

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