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The Amara software created 2 subtitle sets for 1 uploaded file

When I uploaded ONE subtitle file as "Irish" this morning to the Irish Deaf Archives: PATRICK BYRNE video, the Amara software created TWO subtitle sets from it, labeling them both "Irish (100%)".

I used the top one - - to go on editing the subs, and in the bottom one - - I replaced the subs with a single one, "(This duplicate "Irish" track was created by a glitch of the software)", lest others use both, e.g. for translation.

However, it would be better still to delete the bottom one - - could someone from Amara delete it, please?

Hey Claude,

I'd be happy to delete it, but being that this sounds like a glitch, I'd like to keep it around to investigate it a bit more, to see if we can eliminate this down the line.

Could you provide the step-by-step process that you used to upload your subtitles (including file type, etc?). Once I have that info, I can try testing this out, and send it to the rest of our team to be looked into.

I'm looking forward to your response!

Hi Darren,

Yes, trying to find what caused the duplication makes sense, so keep the evidence as long as you need it. As to the description of what I did: the complete step by step evidence is in the activities of the  Irish Deaf Archives: PATRICK BYRNE video and in the revision histories of the two sets of "Irish" subs.

Short one: on July 25, I downloaded the "English" subtitles I had finished as an .srt file and used the upload feature on the main page to upload that .srt file as "Irish". The software created simultaneously 2 sets of "Irish" subs from that uploaded .srt file. If you look at the "Revision 0" for each "Irish" set, you'll see they are identical.



Thanks for the insight on the steps you took. Let me investigate this, try to reproduce it, etc. and get back to you.

Hi Claude,

I tried reproducing this, but wasn't able to. Can you confirm if this has happened more than just once? If so, could you provide those examples?

The steps that I took to try and recreate this odd behavior are as follows:
1) Go to a video that isn't a part of an Amara Team, and has subtitles
2) Download the original language's most recent draft
3) Upload it via "Already have subtitles for this video? You can upload them directly." to Irish
4) Irish will be duplicated under "view subtitles", with an upload being made in to each instance of "Irish"

Hi Darren,

Thank you or your reply. So far, this production of 2 sets of subtitles when I uploaded 1 subtitle file happened to me only once. I'll add evidence if it happens again. Let's keep the duplicate Irish subs I mentioned, in case it does happen again with another set.

My inkling is that the glitch was not connected to the specific language of the subtitles: it was rather similar to when the software duplicates (or triplicates) a comment when you send it (1): sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Don't the developers have a more complete log of actions for each videos than the Activity one users can't see?

(1) See e.g. the comments to the main page of "UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: World Humanitarian Day 2012 -- I WAS HERE" and the comments to the Tagalog subtitles of "Beyoncé - World Humanitarian Day 2012 Campaign Message" - but you'll find heaps more of those duplicated comments: they've been been a known issue for months
It's almost 9 months since I reported this glitch. In the meantime, there has been the December software update. So I'll now use the unedited duplicate subs to try once more the trick to delete a subtitle set given by PCF Support in their April 1, 2013 update of the main post  Removing subtitles or videos : it didn't work back then but who knows, maybe it works now.


So I tried to delete the 1 subtitle in  and do save and exit, as per the above mentioned instructions, to whit:

"go to your subtitles' language page and open the subtitle editor – blank out each line in the editor and save your progress. Your subtitles will be removed from the list of languages in the sidebar of the video page."

This time it worked, sort of: i.e. only the Irish subtitles link corresponding to  presently shows in the navbar, true. But in the Activity  subpage of the video, the Irish subtitles subtitles link corresponding to is still there, and if clicked, the page that opens says:

"The most recent revision for this language is blank, but there are older revisions that contain subtitles. View revision history ".

So that's just make-believe deletion, not real deletion. And it just worked with uploaded subs.


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