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Can't subtitle videos today - 15th June

just to let you know that I can't subtitle this morning. Submitting a transcript is no problem but then it's not possible to enter tool and sync videos. I've sent a request to helpdesk.

I'm hoping someone can get onto this to help, perhaps it's a bug of some kind. I've tried though both IE and Firefox with no difference.

Hope you can help

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Hi Richard,
Could you give the URL of the video you were trying to subtitle? And on its main page, is there a link to a team below the player?
Yes nothing is working today (june 17th). Example :
No translation at all appear but if you're going into "Subtitle Me -> French" the translation is there. I tried with a couple of more videos with different languages and the problem is the same.

I did a lot of videos by this website during that last year and this is the first time i see that.
Way i cant see today any subtitle for any movie?
Hi yafit

See PCF Support's reply to My subtitles are gone :

"Hi all - there was a glitch in the data migration / upgrade process that  affected recent submissions.  We are working to restore the data from a backup.  Please accept our apologies and we appreciate your patience on this



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