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Subtitle won't show up.. (Solved!)

I've been translating videos into Korean, 

two videos in and uploaded a srt file for a one video 

but none of them (all 3) appeared in language selection as Korean

subtitle URLs are

There were some replies in the forum for similar problems,

like uploading again by using acronym for same language but I could not understand that since Korean only have one option as 'Korean'. It seems like subtitles should be appeared as soon as they are uploaded, then what is wrong with mine? Would this problem will keep happen? 

If there's anyone who has solution for this, could you help me out? 

Hi Inhae Kang

I created a ticket #70144 from your post as you as submitter. You should be able to view it in the Check Ticket Status page. To your post here that got automatically inserted in the ticket, I added a comment:

"With my configuration (Mac OSX 10.6.8 and Firefox 24.0), the Korean subtitles do appear in the player of the Korean subtitle pages Inhae gave the URLs of, but they are not listed in the droplists of the players in the main pages (/info/) of these videos, and thus cannot be played there.

This seems odd indeed. Can someone from Amara staff look into this, please?"

Thank you for having reported this,



 Hi Inhae Kang

I'm told there was a slow down last week that delayed the publication of some subtitles. Now I can activate your Korean subtitles in all three videos. Can you too?



I just checked my email and ticket's reply, Thank you Claude Almansi!


They said there were massive bulk of task running in the background which caused site's to slow down. 

So I didn't have to do anything about this, I just waited (for anyone who might have same problem with me).


And Now I can upload subtitles and able to see them directly from droplists! Thank you for anyone who helped to silve this problem!!!!

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