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I can't access to the 'IMPROVE PAGE'

First of all,
HEAVENLY Appreciate to your efforts to make better WORLD.

I translated and subtitled the video clib - INNER WORLD OUTER WORLD PART1 - AKASHA

in KOREAN September 19th, 2013.
I registered the subtitle by 'upload directly page'.
But I found that I had made a mistake.
That is, I did not seperate the line.
All lines were typed in one blank. :(

So, I tried to improve the subtitle, but I couldn't.
The real problem is,
so far I could not access to the "improve" page.
Only I can see is like this ; Korean (In progress) :(

I subtitled the video clip through another account, but I deleted that account.

Only thing I can do is just TO WAIT ?
If not, what can I do ?
Please answer me for this agenda.



Subtitle PAGE address.

Hi, Kim Yung Soo,

I also vainly tried to enter the editing interface for your Korean subtitles, in several manners, though I just got a blank page. Odd, because I can enter the edit interface for the other subtitles of this video. I could add the video to a team where I'm admin, delete the Korean subtitles, then free the video from the team again. Thus you would be able to re-upload your Korean subtitles - with empty lines.

However I am a bit wary of doing that, because it's not normal not to be able to edit these subs, and also because there is no indication of who created the Amara page for the video. So would you please submit a ticket about this issue, using the page?




Dear Claude

I really appreciate keenly your being so nice.

I just have submitted a ticket for this agenda.

I wonder if this problem will be solved.

Heavenly Thanks for your help



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