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Translation of video


I am new on Amara and I would like to know how to get on the Amara editor interface to translate subtitles. 

I have uploaded a video in English and I would like to translate the existing subtitles in French... however the only option available is type what you hear and not translate.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. 


Following, had the same issue.

Hi Fred,

My apologies for a delayed reply during an especially busy time for us. The Type what you hear prompt is for both the source language captions and the subtitle translations. Your screenshot looks like you are working on the French language translation, which is correct if the original source language is something other than French, such as English. The original source language captions should also be showing in the left panel (not shown in your screenshot) as a reference for the French translation.

I hope this helps. Please check out these links for quick videos on using the Amara Editor.

Watch: Caption & translate on Amara 

If you're still having any issues please reply back with the URL of the video so we can troubleshoot any issues. If you need to share personal details like your username please send those to us in an email at to keep your personal information private. 

Happy Subtitling!


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