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Accidentally leaving a team

Hello I accidentally left my team and got back to it now, however when I go over to my Team and Members tab and I check Assigments Completed I have 0. It is quite important for me to get the real number back to what it was before I accidentally left the group as a person running the group is giving away perks depending on your progress and now from almost top of the list I have fallen down to the bottom of it. Is it possible to bring my previous activity prior me leaving the Team? If you check activity page of my Team it shows a string of activities I stopped being contributor of. 

Kind regards,


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Thank you for your question, Adrian. 

Unfortunately, as Erin O'Driscoll explained in her reply to your ticket #1055331, there is no way to reassign to you the work you did before accidentally leaving the team. 

Sorry about this. 


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