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I can’t edit new captions

I translate Japanese captions to English.

Then, I tried to edit new captions before but the page said “We’re sorry - the page you’re trying to access doesn’t exist.”

It seems that I can edit the captions which was already made before.

What should I do??

Thank you for this query, いーのん[Enon] . Please indicate the URL of the Amara page you mention, so I can look into the issue. 

Best ,


Thank you for the URL,  いーのん[Enon].

It appears to belong to a team I am not member of, so I can't view its work pages. 

Please contact the team's admin/s, who set the subtitling workflows, and ask them about the issue. 

Sorry I can't help you myself. 

Best ,


Okay, I’ll try to contact the administrator.

Thank you for the comments, Claude. It’s so appreciated.

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